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"China Dream" Photo Exhibition for Women and Children

The works showed in this exhibition are selected form the 1th to 7th Exhibition of Chinese Women Photographers Association, which is hold biennially, and is brand program. The theme of this exhibition is “China Dream---Women and Children”. Focus on women and children, this exhibition will show the cultural connotation and aesthetic value of women photography since the new century. In this exhibition, those women photographers will also show their unremitting efforts to improve Chinese photography career and promote cultural development and prosperity.

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  • Exhibition Preface: Chinese women's self-reliance, hard work, kindness, tenacity, is excellent national character, to a certain extent, is to maintain a family and the whole society of the internal driving force. Small to the dream of each family to achieve, great to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the same can not be separated from the Chinese women wholeheartedly to pay and dedication.
  • Photographer: Group Exhibition of Chinese Women Photographers Association
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