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Shooting in the Sand Sea

Over the past nearly three decades, the author went deep into the desert for many times and in the arduous journey, recorded numerous desert-related images with a camera; at the same time, the author also borrowed and used the concepts of fine arts, calligraphy, music, dance, drama, etc. in photography, tried the long-distance imaginative space, the partial-subject and implicit-subject composition method and the vague and abstract performance of artistic desert imaging technique, showing the unique angle of view of photography. Among these works, some are magnificent and grand in momentum, while others are to express large visions from small perspectives, letting us see the world that is living and mysterious and appreciate the performance of the desert using another artistic way.

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  • Exhibition Preface: Shooting in the Sand Sea One hundred million years of masterpieces creep from the horizon to feet in an instant and again wind towards the distance... Those pieces after pieces of elegant images buried in ancient times are presenting the unique brilliance and glory of the dazzling sand sea to the twenty-first century with the creations in one hundredth of seconds. The authentic essence of art is to express artistic conception and various kinds of creation concepts of photography are integrated, to present another view of the desert in an instant. Subtle life are dancing and galloping in the stage of people's vision and strange light, abstract, obscure and golden waves are all framed in the scrolls. I feel obsessed with the desert, marching forwards in my sweet dreams!
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  • Exhibition scale: 21 pieces of display boards